Sunday, April 2, 2017

Home Business Taking Power Ball Worldwide

Alliance Wave
Glen Brink
Independent Marketer
Bringing Real Home Income To Networkers

New 4 Corners Product Will put us in the top 20 businesses in the world.....this year.

I'm sure you know the US has PowerBall. Grosses Billions yearly just in the US and 194 million tickets were sold just for the last winning period. We are going to market and retail digital Powerball tickets everywhere outside the US starting in 10-14 days. Added incentive, If a 4 corners member sells a ticket retail or their personal referral buys one that wins, that member gets 10% of the prize. The last winner in the US (Pop. 320 million) was $403 Million. Imagine the earnings with 5.5 Billion people outside the US. This has the potential to take us to the top of the charts in home business.

Tickets will be purchased with Bitcoin, then later we will add Visa and Mastercard.

We have increased our payplan to $multi million level to match the power of this product and it will be in place and on the site next weekend.
If you are interested in being a part of this powerful business I will send you a draft of the new payout and my join page link and instructions.

This is one of those opportunities real networkers Do Not want to miss out on.

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