Wednesday, August 27, 2014

iPAS 2 Launch Plan - Live On Thursday at 9 PM EST

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Hey, it’s Glen..

The time has come, my friends..

That moment you’ve all been waiting for..

The official iPAS 2 launch plan is finally here!

We’ve got the final approval from Empower..

We’re doing the final tests on everything..

The coaches are getting fired up and ready
to start helping out your new members..

..and NOW is the time to start pumping up
your list for the official iPAS 2 Launch Plan
Webinar on Thursday, Aug 28th at 9 EST!

This is the link you’ll promote (with your
own username at the end, of course)

This hangout will be open to all, so feel
free to invite your whole email/facebook
list so we can get them onto your iPAS 2
team before we go live to the public!

This hangout will disclose all the details
about the changes we’ve gone through in
the past month that can increase your
income with iPAS 2 by 300% or more..

You’ll get a full walkthrough of all the
features and benefits you’ll have as
an iPAS 2 founding member...

We’ll lay out the entire launch plan
that is designed to maximize your
income potential and momentum
going into the launch..

…and we’ll answer any and all the
questions you have to make sure
you’re ready to go when we open
this bad boy up..

Plus, we’re going to have a lot of
fun and just bask in the glory of
finally getting this in your hands.

Here’s your link to promote again.
(add your empower username to it)

Mark, Anthony, Adam and I can’t
wait to see you on the hangout
this Thursday night at 9 EST!


Join us here: