Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Browser that pays you


Important message for all my contacts

from Glen Brink
Smart Media Technologies (SMT)
Better Business Alliance (bba)

Please don't make the most foolish mistake of your life. See:

If you have any kind of business or service that you promote you might want to pay close attention to this notice -- if not you can just ignore it. 
You can chose to take this message as hype and some kind of ad or you can take it for what it is worth. It won't kill you to read it.

Smart Media Technologies has just released v2 of Home Page Pays (HPP) to all paid members. The next step is to release it to all free members, well over 1 million people are waiting for it. When they get it if they each give it to 2 people we would have covered ever person online in only 11 generations that is if they only gave it to 2 people. These Million+ people are in every country on earth they have a huge incentive to get their friends on it, not to mention it is a new kind of social network unlike any other Social Network before it.

Now I don't want you to take my word for this. I just want you to consider the facts for a second. Over half a billion people use Twitter. Twitter has to be one of the most stupid things ever created so why do people use it? Because like Facebook, Twitter has spent million of dollars on advertising getting people to believe that everyone is doing it, so like a heard of sheep the masses follow. People want to feel like they are in the know so this type of advertising works very well on the masses.

Now consider the fact that there is only 6 degrees of separation between every person living on earth. This means that once these Million+ people get it that you and everyone you know who has Internet access is going to be told about it by everyone they know over the following month as more and more people join. HPP has already exceeded Facebook's numbers for when Facebook was the same age so this is not hype. It is just a fact. Now no one ever had an incentive to tell their friends about facebook other than that they wanted to connect with them on it. It took them 8 years to reach 1 billion people.

So if without an incentive more people have Joined SMT's Home Page Pays then Facebook in the same amount of time from when Facebook started what do you think is going to happen when those 1 million plus people and everyone they tell get an incentive to do it? Not only that but those who join it free also have a huge incentive to join it.

So what is the Incentive with out talking about the free product itself which cost 10's of millions of dollars to create? They get paid 10% of the net advertising revenue that the company makes off of them from Advertisers. They get smart points for everyone they refer that they can spend like money in an online store and the get matching prizes whenever someone they referred wins in the Discovery adventure game. So if their friend wins a computer, they win a computer, if there friend wins cash, they win the same amount of cash. They win when their friends win. They don't even need to play the game to win.

If we look at the number of people on earth and the percentages it means that most people are not going to be getting if from Marketers who are in the business of promoting it they are going to get it from normal people in their life. So I said you could be making a foolish move. Why did I say that? Because the first time people hear about it they may not join but by the time they get it say the 5th time most people will join because they will feel just like with Twitter that everyone is using it and they will be right. I am in the business of promoting it. I am not a free users while I still get the matching prize thing I don't get smart points when I refer people. What I get is 3 times what ever they earn every month from the advertising not only that but I get it on everyone they give it to, to infinity because I bought the franchise they are giving away. That mean that if just 2 of my free members give it to 2 and they do the same, before I hit the 19th level I would have over 1 million people who I earn from every month and it does not stop there.

Now just image if those people earn 1 cent a day? I use that figure so you won't accuse me of hype. I mean what would be the point of paying people anything if they could not even earn a penny a day right? So if they each earn a penny then I earn 3 off each one. that is 90 cents a month each, that is if they only earn the ridiculously low amount I used for the example. That is nearly 1 million dollars a month. That is only one of 16 streams of income I get. So if the facts show that most people will join it and that even people you know are going to be telling you about it then would it be foolish not to join the business? Because while you can get the product for free just like them, you could have the chance to earn for the rest of your life if you act now. Or you can wait a few months and wish you had.

You can see a demo of v2 now on this video:


You can get v1 now and then get v2 as soon as it is released to free members here:

To read more about the company you can read their magazine for free online here:
If you want to find out how Smart Media Technologies can help your current business you can visit or join their website here:

As you give this product away and as those people do the same you will also start getting sales as people like you decide they also want to make money when others use it. You will also get advertisers who will want to advertise on it and you get paid for both all without you even telling them to. How do I know? Because it has been happening to me ever since I joined.

This one decision could not only change your future but that of your children and theirs or you could do nothing and likely regret it for the rest of your life. I think you should think about it, re-read what I wrote and see if you really think I gave you any hype? Even though the example was using the most conservative figures possible what if I you only got 1% of that? You would still be set for life.

You don't have a long time to ponder it though because as I said we are only weeks away from giving it to free members (paid members get in now) and with less than 4 generations to reach every user online the window of opportunity will disappear fast and it will all be over but the crying by those who wished they had.

I have a co-op for those who might be afraid they can't promote it themselves but really it is not necessary because as I said we are talking about giving something of  huge value away for free not trying to sell anything. Although the co-op is great to get more people then you can from just your own efforts.

I hope you join me if you have not already joined someone else but if you don't that is okay too. This letter is too long for me to explain how this will help you promote your product or service unlike anything available before it, so if you want to know just ask.

Take Good Care,


Saturday, February 16, 2013

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