Thursday, November 13, 2014

Viral BitCoin Collection Tool. Instant Bitcoin Commissions up to 6 levels deep.

Real Viral Traffic at!

ViralAdBuilder is free to join, but first a new member must visit the 7 sites you see on the home page by clicking the 7 ads. Guaranteed traffic!

Once you are a member, you can create your own ad for a site you would like to people to visit. You get your very own branded Viral Ad Page to share with others!
Then promote your Viral Ad page and your ad will be seen at the top in the number 1 position.
When others join through your personal Viral Ad Page, and they create and promote their own Viral Ad Page, your ad moves down to the #2 spot on their Viral Ad pages!
If you become an upgraded member, as your downline grows deeper, your ads will be seen on your downline's Viral Ad Pages 6 levels deep!
The more people who join under you the more Viral Ad Pages your ad is seen on! You are then building a team of people that not only advertises for you virally, but you also gain a team of Bitcoin collectors all working for you where you earn instant Bitcoin commissions up to 6 levels deep!
Take a look at the BTC Collector!
And it doesn't stop there!

We pay a total of up to 80% payout to members!
There are 2 levels of membership, Free and Pro.
Free members' ads are seen on their own Viral Ad pages, and on the Viral Ad pages of an additional 2 of the 6 levels of their downline. In addition free members earn instant Bitcoin commissions on their 1st and 2nd levels of referrals.
Pro members' ads are seen on their own Viral pages, and on the Viral Ad pages of all 6 levels of their downline. In addition, pro members earn on all 6 levels of their downline!
Don't think 10% commissions, 6 levels deep, can be powerful?
Check out how easy it is for a pro member
to earn 97.7 Bitcoins by only referring 5 upgraded members!
(and that's 40 grand)

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