Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Get more traffic with your SAME email list..

You've probably seen the messages screaming
that "email marketing is dead"..and it's simply
not true. Not at all.

What is true though is..

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Autoresponder services are getting more picky
all the time about the emails that you can send
to your own list.

If you use a 3rd party service like Aweber, GetResponse,
MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, etc., you are putting
your biggest online income generating asset at risk of

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Why is that true? Simple.

They can cancel you any time they want, for any reason
they want, and you have to literally go through the Spanish
Inquisition to get your list imported to another service.

Where did you get your leads?
Do they have time-date-IP Stamps?
What is the exact url?

Or, they can put you on sub-par server IPs which means you
are destined for the spam or promotions tab, so your clicks
drop by half..

You need to have full control over your list, and you can
do that, get better open rates, and more clicks with the exact
same list that you have right now - even with zero tech

It's called IMSC Rapid Mailer.

IMSC Rapid Mailer Features:

 * Zero Monthly Fees Saves You a Fortune in Autoresponder Costs
 * Unrestrictive Importing and Mailing for Full Control of Your Campaigns
 * Create Profitable Paid Mailing Lists Instantly (No one else does this!)
 * New Marketer Friendly, Ultra-Simple Set Up… Be Up and Running Fast!
 * Full Email Statistics & Click Tracking for Ultimate Campaign Tracking
 * It works inside WordPress, so installation is point and click simple.
 * You can import your leads without double confirmation. (This means no FBI
   style interrogation, i.e., What was this lead looking at on Nov 3rd, 2010?)
 * Plus a ton more...

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It works with "SMTP" services, so you don't have to worry
about the difficulty of setting up your own mail server and
getting it to the inbox.

It's all handled by the SMTP provider who gives you quality setups
on their side, so you can start inboxing right away. Plus, you can
send for free or use a paid "pay-per-send" option, which for most
is actually less expensive than most autoresponder services.

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You'll want to move fast as Sean has this at the lowest price
ever for the next few days. So grab it while you can, get your
emails delivered, and know your list is permanently secured.

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To Your Future,

Yours In Success,
Glen Brink

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