Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Check this out... It is absolutely ingenious!

I have found something that is unlike anything that I have previously  "seen", "done", or been "exposed to"!

When people see if for the first time, a typical reaction is, "Wow"  or  "That's incredible"... 

Yes, it is "Network Marketing"...  But it is way more than just that!

This program allows people to simultaneously create income streams from several different "Business Models"  (including franchises - kiosks - and vending machines)  - without personally having to buy, sell, own, or operate them.

People with Network Marketing Experience are going "crazy" over it...  Conventional business people love it...  Even your next door neighbor will "get excited about it"... 

This groundbreaking new concept is impossible to explain in a brief letter or email...

But - when someone sees my 15 minute presentation - it all "clicks"!

In the days to come, I am going to start doing "live online webinars"...

If you would like to watch one, reply to this email, and I will send you the schedule.

If you would like to take a peek at the presentation before we launch the live webinars - call me, or shoot me a quick email, and I will make arrangements to give you a private "sneak preview".

I hope to hear from you soon.

Glen Brink

(303) 442-6460

PS.  There is a "first movers advantage" here... so if you're curious, don't procrastinate!

I am working on putting up a site where a person will be able to watch a recorded version of the materials that I will be covering in the Webinars.
It is still a work in progress - but you can go there, and watch the video.
After you have had a chance to watch it, let's talk.
Here's the link.  (Better version of the company site coming soon, in time for us to build with it.)

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