Thursday, July 18, 2013

Successful Network Marketing Survival Guide

securityTo evaluate an opportunity it can be important to have a wider perspective than the content of a single advertisement.   But the single most important ingredient is yourself.

Do you like the product?  Do you like the industry?  Do you like what you've seen and heard about this company?  Are you willing to go to work on improving yourself?   Or are you more confused than happy?  If you don't already know what to think, it's time to find out more.
glens-full-jpg2Let me introduce myself, I am Glen Brink and I've had a successful track record in Network Marketing for 3 decades.  Often making the kinks of money they feature on stage.  I've been on the Millionaires Team with 4 different Companies.  I've never abandoned a company that didn't abandon me first.

So I have the experience of working with a large number of leaders and different types of entrepreneurs.  Each person works with his own skills and learns more about other things by following the advice from successful people in the company.
Most everybody does best with a system to follow.  A system gives you a daily work plan.  I work with systems that work 100% of the time.  People do not fail.  They may move slowly or they may move faster by taking massive action (doing all that you can do and then looking around for something new to try as well.)  The only path to failure is to quit.  The secret to that is persistence and a team with enough diversity to adapt to changing circumstances.

And for even more:
Two of the best-known and most-respected super-affiliates, Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, have just released an important affiliate marketing guide you’ll want to read… Called the Affiliate Marketing Survival Guide, this 146-page guide starts right at the beginning with a glossary of affiliate marketing terms and carries right on through to some advanced topics to help you really make money online.
If you’ve been online for any length of time you’ll already recognize Simon & Jeremy’s names, as they’ve been major players in Internet and affiliate marketing for about a decade now, possibly longer. In fact, they’ve been at it so long I can’t even remember when I first heard of either – but I DO know that I’ve bought a lot of their products over the years and we’ve been affiliates for each other at times, have competed in affiliate contests, etc, and I can personally vouch for their experience, knowledge and integrity. They became, and have remained, super-affiliates and very successful product producers by always over-delivering and avoiding all the sneaky little tricks affiliates have tried over the years.
Even the way they’re marketing this new e-book shows how innovative and intelligent their marketing is… Since this is an affiliate marketing survival guide they’ve tied the marketing in with the current popularity of everything zombie. For example, they point out this report can help you avoid being one of the ‘…thousands of slow-moving, half-dead affiliates shuffling around like zombies.’
Another way you can tell they’re genuinely trying to help with this e-book is it’s initial launch price – as I write this you’ll be snapping up your copy for under $10 – almost unheard of for a 146-page report from two of the biggest in the business! Even if you’re reading this after the introductory price special is over and the investment is $27 or $47, you’re downloading it already knowing it’s worth a lot more than what you’re getting it for!
I know you want to download it immediately and get into the meat and bones of the Affiliate Marketing Survival Guide right away, but do yourself a favor and read the sales-page too – not only will you get a chuckle from it but you’ll learn more about great sales-pages too. But if you’re still in too big a hurry to put the information to use in your own affiliate marketing business then go ahead and download your copy but bookmark the sales-page to go back and read it when you’ve got more time… You’ll enjoy the laugh!

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